A user with an account (logged in user / user) is someone who has earlier logged in on the site and has data stored on the site.

A visiting user (or site visitor / visitor) is someone who has is just looking at the data of logged in users.

A customer means a visitor or user who comes to the site to buy a something.

A seller means a visitor or user who comes to the site to sell a something.

The website is offered as is.

If the website doesn't work or is unavailable, the website will not be responsible for any secondary losses.

The servers that the website is running on is owned by external companies. One can already predict there availability, which is at the time of writing about 99%, which means that on average the servers will be down for about 1-2 h per week.

The website is not responsible for the information provided by the users.

If a visitor finds that the user information is incorrect or misleading, the visitor is advised to contact another user.

Customers and sellers enter an agreement of there own whether there is going to be any trade or not.

The website owner may cancel the site at any point.